Win a £25k Interest Free Loan


Since we launched in 2012 we’ve helped over 120 businesses to successfully obtain loans via our community of private investors. This summer, we’re offering one lucky business the chance to win a completely interest-free loan up to £25k.

The competition is a very simple one

  • All loan applications received between July 28th 2015 and 31st August 2015 will be eligible
  • The eligible business achieving the lowest interest rate will receive an interest-free loan of £25,000
  • Fees are still payable by the borrower, but will fund all interest payments, so our lenders still earn their interest
  • Loan auctions that are extended beyond their deadline will no longer be eligible. Loans must complete by October 31st, 2015.
  • If the winning loan is for an amount greater than £25,000 then the borrower will receive the first £25,000 of their loan interest-free

Borrowing via

Our lending criteria:

  • Loans from £25k to £2m
  • Limited companies, LLPs (greater than 3 partners), PLCs (no sole traders or trade associations)
  • Businesses must have 2 years’ filed accounts
  • Personal Guarantees up to £50k, further security required thereafter
  • The business must be trading profitably

Some useful facts about our lending platform:

  • 90% + of the loans that get listed on our marketplace are successfully funded
  • The applications we receive are typically for amounts between £25-125k
  • Rates are typically 12-18% but vary by application
  • Loans usually complete within 4-6 weeks of application. Our fastest (so far) is just over one week!
  • We usually complete 5-10 loans per month

To discuss a potential application with us please call our team on 0113 8150 244 or email us at