31st Aug, 2012

Limited Options Turn Deadline Day Deals Into Expensive Mistakes

Bad Balance sheetsThe usual madness surrounding the football world goes into overdrive on 31 August as clubs battle to sign players on hugely inflated fees and wages in the hope of improving their squads.

To the outsider the whole practice is bizarre; failure to prepare over a period of months boiling down to a few rushed deals with crazy money changing hands, particularly for British players it seems.

It is market forces that determine how much is forked out for the likes of Andy Carroll, plus a four year contract with wages equivalent to the GDP of a small nation – if you choose to limit your options to a predefined market. (more…)

30th Aug, 2012

Press Release – rebuildingsociety.com Launches Introducer Channel

Issued 29th August 2012

CIntroducers to Crowdfundingrowdfunding platform launches introducer channel

rebuildingsociety.com, the business crowdfunding platform, has launched an introducer channel that pays a 1.5 per cent fee on completed loans resulting from adviser referrals.

The firm has recently launched and operates in the alternative finance sector. It provides an online platform that connects businesses looking for finance with investors looking to achieve strong returns. Businesses submit their funding requirements to the site and are given a risk grading. Investors then pledge their funds and repayment conditions in a short time window with the best rates put forward as loans. (more…)

29th Aug, 2012

Alternative finance can force historic change in UK financial services

In an excellent series of broadcasts from BBC Radio 4 called ‘Fixing Broken Banking’ the root causes of today’s mess were examined, with many pointing the finger at the rise of free banking for those with a current account in credit.

Because the bank accounts were free, the costs had to be recouped elsewhere, which gave rise to a targets culture and eventually to the wretched PPI situation, Libor fixing and complicated swaps that have put companies out of business.

The presenter recalled when decisions were made by people who valued their relationships with local businesses and bemoaned the switch to a transactional mentality brought about by the rise of global investment banks. (more…)

27th Aug, 2012

Diversification Benefits Can be Realised with a Helping Hand from the Crowd

Finance out of reach for SME'sTesco’s announcement that it is going to offer mortgages is the latest move in a series of high-profile diversifications in the financial services market as organisations look to leverage the strength of their brand to kick-start another.

Unlike Tesco, which boasts piles of cash and an almost limitless credit facility, many businesses with plans to diversify their offering will face a familiar hurdle – finance.   (more…)

24th Aug, 2012

Add Funds to use BidPal

We’ve noticed that some users have configured their bidding preferences without adding funds to their account.

It’s easy to add funds from the dashboard, just input the amount in the popup & we’ll credit your balance once the funds clear on the account, we check the account several times a day so you should not have to wait more than a few hours to see your balance increased. All funds are held in a segregated account. Note that BidPal will only lend up to 5% of your bid capital.

24th Aug, 2012

Business Loan Calculator: Faster and Easier Quotes

The Business Loan Calculator allows users to get an instant quote on the amount they want to borrow, and displays the repayment amount and borrowing fees. The calculator is easily accessible on various ‘borrower specific’ pages.

The way it works is simple. Users enter the amount they want to borrow, as well as how long they want to borrow it for, and an instant quote is generated. For example, if a user wants to borrow £75,000 and make repayments over a period of 36 months, the automatic Quote Summary tells them that they will need to repay a total of £86,068, or £2,316 per month, including the fees paid to rebuildingsociety.com.

The Business Loan Calculator is a great tool for users who are yet to decide on the exact terms of their loan and for providing accurate forecasting for first-time borrowers or those unfamiliar with the concept. Once satisfied with the quote provided, users can easily proceed to apply for business loans using our quick and easy application process.

Give the Business Loan Calculator a go today and move a step closer to securing funding for your business.


21st Aug, 2012

Lend Locally and Get More Than Just a Return on Your Money

Most people accept that investing in football clubs is akin to building a bonfire of ten pound notes and lighting it. Wages are massively out of sync with income and relegation can be crippling for some clubs, such as Portsmouth.

So why do people do it? For foreign owners it’s a hobby.


21st Aug, 2012

Yorkshire Post talks to rebuildingsociety.com

This week we were proud to be featured in the Yorkshire Post. Bernard Ginns, the paper’s Business Editor, interviewed our founder Daniel Rajkumar.

‘Funds website aims to cash in as firm favourite’
Published in Yorkshire Post on Monday 20 August 2012

A YOUNG entrepreneur from Leeds is launching a new crowdfunding website to offer better returns to savers and help small businesses access desperately needed finance.

The fund-raising has valued the pre-revenue company at more than £2.5m, he told the Yorkshire Post.

20th Aug, 2012

Savings Options

Market leading savings rates at the moment pay in excess of three per cent, but the average rate on instant access accounts is 0.21 per cent. There’s no getting around it, that is rubbish and savers have been hammered for the last five years by the recession, so why are people still looking at savings accounts?

Of course there’s not that much wrong with the principle of savings. In years past it was a safe place to put your cash, usually you would have ready access to it and it paid a sufficient level of interest to be worthwhile. Times have changed but many people cannot see past savings as a place to put their spare cash.


17th Aug, 2012

Disappointing Lending Figures

It has recently emerged that as expected the big six lenders to businesses, Barclays, Santander, Lloyds, Nationwide, RBS and HSBC (who account for 70 per cent of lending) had failed to increase lending to businesses, with the stock of lending actually dropping by £3bn in the three months to May.

According to the Bank of England’s latest data, net lending to SMEs has been negative (amount of money repaid versus money lent) for each of the last four quarters up to Q1 2012, while large businesses have fared only slightly better with three of the last four finishing negative.


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