17th Feb, 2015

How businesses in Leeds are changing the game

Leeds is an ever changing city. In the past few years the emergence of the Trinity shopping centre and the First Direct Arena have changed the landscape in both a physical and business sense. Such changes have thrown up new opportunities, and in some cases created new challenges, for the city’s established business community.

This theme of change was at the heart of the Game Changers event held on 12th February. Hosted by two of Leeds’ up and coming businesses, The Professional and Whitecap Consulting, the event was held at one of Leeds’ most recent additions.
The iconic First Direct Arena was the setting for speeches from some of the region’s business leaders and discussion on what it takes to make a mark in a changing environment. rebuildingsociety was there to hear their experiences, insights and thoughts for the future. (more…)

12th Feb, 2015

Five reasons for getting a business loan through rebuildingsociety

We know we’re new. We’re also in a new industry and things are done a little differently to other finance providers.

Nick Newton and Rick Hyland are on hand to guide you through the process

But we still believe we’ve got a great product that is suitable for businesses of all sizes, sectors and locations across the UK. Here are some of our best features:

1. We’ll listen to you and guide you through the application process. Our business development team (Rick Hyland and Nick Newton) will be on hand to take your calls and emails to keep you posted on progress, while our underwriting and legal team will work hard to get you through the loan preparation and completion stage with minimal fuss. After all, you’ve got a business to run.

2. We’ll be realistic about your progress. If we don’t think we can help you this time round, we’ll tell you ASAP. But we’ll try to point you to places that can help as that’s part of our ethos of building lasting relationships. When we can help you in the future, it would be great to do so.

3. We’ll tell your story. When you’re looking to tell potential investors about your company history to help them gauge whether to lend to you, we’re on hand to write features about the business to get your character across. Similarly, when it finishes and you’ve got a good news story about securing a loan for growth, we’ll help you write that and distribute it.


12th Feb, 2015

Why Companies are Refinancing Through rebuildingsociety

As we reach 100 completed loans, we’re starting to notice more applications from businesses looking to grow through refinancing.
This is usually a result of one or a combination of these factors:

1. Companies have multiple loans or facilities and want to consolidate them for the ease of managing one repayment and to potentially save money on repayments.

2. Existing loans are coming to an end and they want to borrow more to kick-start another period of growth.

3. An existing relationship with a finance provider doesn’t align with the needs of the business. For example, refusing to lend a larger amount or demanding early repayment of a loan.

Some businesses that have successfully refinanced through us recently include Crystal Kitchens, Huyton Heat Treatments and Mercia College.

All three had taken a loans with rebuildingsociety, reapplied for a larger amount and walked away with a larger loan and a lower rate than their previous loan.

If you’re considering refinancing your existing loans, talk to us about your options and suitability or submit a new application.

11th Feb, 2015

New Customers Swinging into Town at Tamar Adventures

With half term on the horizon, Tamar Adventures Limited will re-open their ‘Tree Surfing’ course this Saturday for the 2015 season. Director Kate Blake is ready for the increase in activity for both customers and business alike, so she’s applying for a loan through the rebuildingsociety marketplace.

Operating as a tourist and outdoor adventure destination in Devon, Tamar Adventures provide family days out and outdoor activities such as high rope ‘Tree Surfing’, canoe and kayak trips and mountain biking. During the winter months they run outdoor leaders’ courses to train others in the various skills needed for the summer season ahead May 2014 saw families descend on the Tamar Valley to learn, relax and enjoy a range of outdoor activities as part of the Tamar Trails festival. Kate describes the Tamar Trails Centre as being the ‘centrepiece’ of the festival and it is clear such events have driven the family activity orientated direction of the company, giving Kate much to be optimistic about going into 2015. This year, Tamar Adventures Limited have turned to asset investment to increase the amount of people pursuing their activities. Replacement and renewal of items in their current course and the creation of a junior ‘Tree Surfing’ course will be supported by new marketing strategies to boost the sale of tickets.

06th Feb, 2015

PM Visits Leeds to Set Out His Long-Term Economic Plans for Yorkshire

With the election drawing ever closer, David Cameron and George Osborne visited Leeds yesterday to discuss their vision of a ‘northern powerhouse.’ Our own MD Daniel Rajkumar joined the Institute of Directors to hear his speech.

Addressing business leaders from the region, the Prime Minister and Chancellor spoke about their ambitions for Yorkshire and their plans to create 100,000 new jobs.They stressed the importance of closing the North and South divide and the need to sustain the region’s current growth. Mr Cameron spoke of achieving this through improving transport along with the backing of science, tech start-ups and creative industries in the area.


03rd Feb, 2015

What will Shake Up the UK Alternative Finance Market in 2015?

As news came through yesterday of LendInvest’s intention to debut on the London Stock Exchange later this year, we thought we would take a look at what might happen this year to our growing industry.

Will LendInvest be the only platform to float?

Probably not. Before the news broke, you might have favoured Q3 or Q4 for news like this, but the move is sure to get other platforms thinking about other ways to raise finance for their growth. Hot on the heels of Lending Club’s IPO in the States, it is a sign of the market moving mainstream and investors feeling increasingly confident in the stability of the asset class. If the float is successful, it automatically raises the value and the profile of the industry too.


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