New Customers Swinging into Town at Tamar Adventures

With half term on the horizon, Tamar Adventures Limited will re-open their ‘Tree Surfing’ course this Saturday for the 2015 season. Director Kate Blake is ready for the increase in activity for both customers and business alike, so she’s applying for a loan through the rebuildingsociety marketplace.

Operating as a tourist and outdoor adventure destination in Devon, Tamar Adventures provide family days out and outdoor activities such as high rope ‘Tree Surfing’, canoe and kayak trips and mountain biking. During the winter months they run outdoor leaders’ courses to train others in the various skills needed for the summer season ahead May 2014 saw families descend on the Tamar Valley to learn, relax and enjoy a range of outdoor activities as part of the Tamar Trails festival. Kate describes the Tamar Trails Centre as being the ‘centrepiece’ of the festival and it is clear such events have driven the family activity orientated direction of the company, giving Kate much to be optimistic about going into 2015. This year, Tamar Adventures Limited have turned to asset investment to increase the amount of people pursuing their activities. Replacement and renewal of items in their current course and the creation of a junior ‘Tree Surfing’ course will be supported by new marketing strategies to boost the sale of tickets.
Importance of investing in new equipment Such is the demand for family friendly outdoor activities, Tamar Adventures are planning on creating a junior ‘Tree Surfing’ course for 4-10 year olds. The children’s course will be safe, low height and on a continuous belay with parent’s/carers able to walk around with them. Young children are not permitted on the main course but it is hoped that the new inclusion will open up a number of market sectors. “This is a response to what our customers want, there’s a demand for it” says Kate, “there is a huge appetite for safe but active pursuits from families.” This activity focus will extend itself to Tamar Adventures’ marketing in 2015. Having benefitted from a marketing review from local authorities, they are planning to implement a dynamic new digital marketing strategy. Kate is optimistic about how this will impact business: “In the past our branding has been broad” she said, “re-launching our website will hopefully reinvigorate the Tree Surfing brand.” Hopes for the leisure industry The tourism and leisure industries are intrinsically linked with the populations’ lifestyle choices. 2015 is an election year and with the importance of living an active lifestyle an ever-popular message for politicians, Kate is hoping for further support. “There are often murmurings of government funding to get people active and this usually comes from a health angle rather than recreational.” Whilst the Tamar Trails Centre does get secondary school visits, particularly during local schools’ ‘Challenge Week’, this is often self-funded. Kate expressed her concerns about the funding allocated to schools for outdoor activities. “P.E. departments are told they should provide outdoor activities in their lessons but are given little funding to do so. This means they have to do it in-house rather than utilising courses such as ours.” “I would like to see the ‘Tree Surfing’ courses considered as educational tools as well as a treat for families. This will allow us to market the new junior course to primary schools”, she added. New adventures This theme of activity seems to be driving not only their current plans but Tamar’s future ideas as well. Ideas for the future include the installation of a huge zip wire (longest in England and competing with the current longest in the UK) that will see customers soaring across the Tamar Valley. If their current ventures are successful they hope return to the rebuildingsociety platform for the zip wire funding. “We’re having a positive first experience with P2B lending. We’ve appreciated the feedback from business minded investors. Overall, we feel supported and that investors have a real belief in Tamar Adventures Limited”, Kate concluded.

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