20th Dec, 2017

FinTech North Fridays to Return in 2018

It is with great excitement that we announce that following the success of this year’s events, the FinTech North seminars will continue in 2018. The first event of the year will take place on Friday 12th January.

The seminar, in conjunction with Leeds City Council, will be hosted by the Open Data Institute in Leeds. A networking breakfast, beginning at 8:30am, will open the occasion, to be followed by pitching sessions. This will give four or five financial services businesses and FinTech entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their propositions to the delegates. The event is scheduled to end at 11:00am.

If you’re interested in pitching at the January seminar, please send us an email at support@rebuildingsociety.com.

If you would like to attend, sign up for a spot.

We look forward to seeing you next year!


19th Dec, 2017

Self-Wealth Management Attitudes

Over the past several years, numerous aspects of finance have become digitalised. New attitudes and innovations have paved the way for the digital evolution of self-wealth management.

The percentage of online banking users in Great Britain has more than doubled in a decade[1], Monzo now counts 450,000 UK-based users[2], and over 65 peer-to-peer companies have been launched and maintained in the UK alone[3].


15th Dec, 2017

Support Your Borrowers This Festive Season!

high-tech-gifts-for-menA unique element of our platform is that businesses are backed by a community of lenders who continue to support them beyond the initial financial transaction. Many of our borrowers report back that they have had subsequent business from or communication with lenders who supported their initial fund raise.

So, whilst you’re deciding who’s been naughty and who’s been nice and putting together your Christmas shopping list, take a look at some of the businesses on our books that might make the task a bit easier.


11th Dec, 2017

FinTech North:
The December Issue

The third and final FinTech Friday event of 2017 was held on 8th December at Platform in Leeds, sponsored by Leeds City Council. This month’s event, which focused on FinTech innovation, was well attended, by regular attendees and newcomers alike.

FTNorth December 3

Breakfast and networking kicked off the event, to be followed by the keynote speeches. First up was Philip Pawson, of Alchemy. Philip spoke about innovations concerning the Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA), including the potential tax benefits for business directors who currently financially support their business through director loans. You can read more about the rebuildingsociety.com IFISA here.

Following Philip was Mark Lumley, Partner at Shulmans Solicitors, who spoke about cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), under the title “ICO the new IPO?”. Given the current news, media attention and growing public awareness of cryptocurrencies, there was a lot of interest in Mark’s presentation.

A show of hands reflected a relatively inexperienced audience; only four or five people in the room had traded any cryptocurrency. Mark strongly advised the audience to set aside some time of the own to learn about it further, stating his belief that “in 10 years’ time the majority of the world’s currencies will be cryptocurrencies of one form or another.”

Dan at FTN December

Next to address the audience was our founder and Managing Director, Daniel Rajkumar. Daniel spoke about SME acquisitions, looking at how more business acquisitions need to be supported through vendor participation and how they can be facilitated and better structured through peer-to-business lending platforms. He also spoke about his experience of acquiring SMEs and some of the challenges he has encountered during the process.

Kylie Greeff, our Legal and Compliance Manager, then spoke about “Balancing Innovation and Regulation in FinTech.” After highlighting the size of the FinTech industry, Kylie emphasised the importance of effective collaboration between the industry and the regulator. She commented that this would allow for those involved to better develop an environment of strong financial services innovations, supported by regulation.

Kylie went on to explain that the UK regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), are seen as a global leader in fostering innovation in financial services. “We’re very fortunate in the UK to have a regulator that is not only supportive of innovation but also actively encourages it.” Talking about her experience of working in FinTech firms such as rebuildingsociety.com and White Label Crowdfunding during a period of significant innovation and regulatory involvement, Kylie said: “If there is ever a time to say it’s exciting to work in compliance, it has to be now.”

After the keynote speeches, the audience was invited to ask questions of the panel. Mark’s address on ICOs was clearly still fresh in the minds of the audience, and the majority of the questions focused on cryptocurrencies, how they are valued and what alternative benefits cryptocurrencies and block chain could have on society as a whole.

The next FinTech North event will be held on the 12th January 2018 at the Open Data Institute in Leeds. Keep an eye on the rebuildingsociety blog for more information, coming soon!

11th Dec, 2017

A Day In The Life Of…
Rick Hyland

Here at rebuildingsociety, we’re a petite but punch-packing team. We count among us compliance experts, legal minds, human resources professionals and customer relations representatives.

In our new A Day In The Life Of series, we take a closer look at what everyone in the office gets up to, starting with our Business Development Manager, Rick Hyland.

Rick B+W

Hi Rick! Tell us, how long have you worked for the company?

I’ve been working for rebuildingsociety.com for four years now.

What are your main responsibilities?

I introduce new brokers and borrowers to the platform, and help them through the process. This includes answering questions, resolving any queries they have and offering guidance as to how the platform works.

What does an average day look like for you? What does it involve?

My average day will involve speaking to brokers and borrowers to introduce them to the site, and discuss new loan opportunities. I also help existing customers through the process.

Rick HylandWhat’s the best bit about your job?

I really enjoy speaking to entrepreneurs when they are about to launch a new product.  There is a real buzz around the company, and being able to support them through the process is thoroughly rewarding.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

Competing in a market where competitors are using huge marketing budgets to boost their profile.

How would you describe the team at rebuildingsociety in three words?

Committed, diligent and multi-faceted.

What do you hope 2018 holds?

I hope 2018 can be the company’s most successful year yet.

To speak to Rick and find out more about the borrowing process, give him a call on 0113 8150 244.

08th Dec, 2017

Maria at a Crowdfunding Masterclass

On Tuesday, Maria Samayoa, our Lead Production Manager, spoke at a Masterclass in Crowdfunding held in London.

The well-attended seminar was designed to give attendees insight into the idea of crowdfunding to raise money to develop and grow their businesses.

The evening event incorporated the launch of the Masterclass Crowdfunding website with speeches, networking opportunities, food and drink to create a lively, enjoyable event. The program included a look at what crowdfunding is and the various crowdfunding models. More in-depth overviews of the rewards-based crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding and debt lending models followed, along with a discussion about what investors are looking for and ways of keeping your crowdfunding passion alive.

Maria spoke about the debt lending crowdfunding sector, explaining how rebuildingsociety.com works and what the P2B lending model is. She explained some of the benefits of this model, commenting that the business costs are fixed, and that the borrower-lender relationship ends when the loan is fully repaid.

Maria Masterclass 4

Maria was in great company, speaking alongside other experts in the field. Tania Ziegler, researcher and FinTech programme manager who also spoke at this year’s FinTech North event, gave an overview of the industry, giving analytical insight and showing how it has developed over previous years. Jeff Spires, an experienced professional in the marketing, human behaviour and motivation fields, talked about rewards-based crowdfunding, Andrew Adcock, marketing and website expert, then spoke about equity crowdfunding, before Maria took to the stage. Dan Andersson, CEO and President at entrepreneurial membership network Learning Enterprises Organisation, brought the speeches to a close.

A question and answer open mic session and networking and drinks opportunity followed, during which delegates and participants shared conversations and ideas. As the world of crowdfunding continues to expand and grow, so events like this are key in establishing networks, generating dialogue and educating interested parties.

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