A Day In The Life Of…
Rick Hyland

Here at rebuildingsociety, we’re a petite but punch-packing team. We count among us compliance experts, legal minds, human resources professionals and customer relations representatives.

In our new A Day In The Life Of series, we take a closer look at what everyone in the office gets up to, starting with our Business Development Manager, Rick Hyland.

Rick B+W

Hi Rick! Tell us, how long have you worked for the company?

I’ve been working for rebuildingsociety.com for four years now.

What are your main responsibilities?

I introduce new brokers and borrowers to the platform, and help them through the process. This includes answering questions, resolving any queries they have and offering guidance as to how the platform works.

What does an average day look like for you? What does it involve?

My average day will involve speaking to brokers and borrowers to introduce them to the site, and discuss new loan opportunities. I also help existing customers through the process.

Rick HylandWhat’s the best bit about your job?

I really enjoy speaking to entrepreneurs when they are about to launch a new product.  There is a real buzz around the company, and being able to support them through the process is thoroughly rewarding.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

Competing in a market where competitors are using huge marketing budgets to boost their profile.

How would you describe the team at rebuildingsociety in three words?

Committed, diligent and multi-faceted.

What do you hope 2018 holds?

I hope 2018 can be the company’s most successful year yet.

To speak to Rick and find out more about the borrowing process, give him a call on 0113 8150 244.

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