Bird Lovegod

3rd Sep 2019

We talked to the director of current loan applicant, Flame Health Associates, to find out more about the company. Hi […]

2nd Sep 2019

We talked to the director of returning ReBS borrower, Promoting Independence, to find out more about the company. Stuart, talk […]

13th Mar 2019

It’s always interesting to connect with business people with an eye for opportunity. A few words with Doug from Afterthought… […]

1st Mar 2019

In industrial environment such as hospital and prisons, prisoners and patients need to be provided with nutritional meals. Prisoners need […]

13th Dec 2018

We caught up with Samir from Kadco Fashion & Textiles to find out more about his business and why he […]

1st Oct 2018

We took some time to speak to Montgomery Food International about their business and their plans going forward.

24th Sep 2018

Interview with Brian Johnson, successful lender Hello Brian, how did you first find out about Rebs? I was becoming […]

21st Sep 2018

We want to understand the market better, and what better way than by asking? Giving £100 credit on the rebs […]

21st Sep 2018

“Arnol, you have an unusual business! Can you explain in really simple terms what you do?  We are a management […]