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Our Latest Business Borrower – Kadco Fashion

13th Dec 2018

We caught up with Samir from Kadco Fashion & Textiles to find out more about his business and why he chose to return to the crowd to raise further finance to grow his Yorkshire based business. (more…)

Inside the opportunity

1st Oct 2018

We took some time to speak to Montgomery Food International about their business and their plans going forward. (more…)

Lender Review Speaks for Rebs Success

24th Sep 2018

Interview with Brian Johnson, successful lender Hello Brian, how did you first find out about Rebs? I was becoming interested in P2P and opened some accounts with Funding Circle, Zopa and Ratesetter, when I came across an advert for a Rebs breakfa...

Win £100 for taking our survey

21st Sep 2018

We want to understand the market better, and what better way than by asking? Giving £100 credit on the rebs site, that's even better. So yes, take the survey, it's only 10 questions long, and takes about 60 seconds. And you could win a cheeky £100 to invest in local ...

Logistically speaking, it’s all in the pipeline…

21st Sep 2018

“Arnol, you have an unusual business! Can you explain in really simple terms what you do?  We are a management consulting firm that specialises in logistics solutions for the telecom and transportation, specifically train and aviation industries. We focus on projects ...

Eye Eye. A chat with Olympus Eyewear

30th Aug 2018

Gary, how did you get into the business of designing and manufacturing eyewear? How did that happen? My optical career started as a sales representative in the late 70s previously having been trained in the FMCG market by a leading confectionery company. My career in the ...

Fist Bump For Science?! Tell more.

14th Aug 2018

I like cool names. Which means I love Fist Bump For Science, even before I realise just what a great concept it is. They take science kit into schools and colleges and get the kids using it. Inspirational, educational, Director Tom Warrender tells the rest. Where did the ...

Where it comes from matters

1st Aug 2018

This is a two part article regarding business ethics, co-created with Jo Salter, founder of outrageously ethical clothes retailer Where Does It Come From? Part one is below. Part two is here: Hello Jo, you’re one of the leaders in ethical business, can you talk to...

Towards Financial Wellness

25th Jul 2018

A recent PWC report defines Financial Wellness like this: "Being financially ‘well’ not only means being able to meet current financial needs such as paying bills or holding sufficient insurance protection, but also being confident that you can realise your longer te...
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