Towards Financial Wellness

A recent PWC report defines Financial Wellness like this:

“Being financially ‘well’ not only means being able to meet current financial needs such as paying bills or holding sufficient insurance protection, but also being confident that you can realise your longer term goals such as buying a home or enjoying a financially secure retirement. Achieving financial wellness requires both an understanding of your current financial position and a plan for short-term (e.g. money put aside for possible unemployment), medium-term (e.g. buying a home) and long-term (e.g. retirement or nursing care) needs. The plan should be able to adjust as your situation changes to stay on track. Cutting across all of this is a clear sense of your financial priorities and what you should expect from financial services providers – what good looks like.”

Here at rebuildingsociety we intend to bring financial wellness into the vocabulary of our lenders and borrowers, creating win win situations for both parties, and enabling borrowers to achieve their commercial and financial goals.

If you’re a company looking to borrow money, talk to us, find out how it all works, ask us the questions.

If you’re a potential lender, talk to us. Find out how it all works. Ask us the questions.

Here to listen. Contact us:)


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