How to Borrow

1. Apply

Fill in our simple online application form in 20-30 minutes – no paper, no meetings.

The underwriters at will assess your application and let you know if you can borrow within 2 working days.

2. Auction period

Your business is given a risk band and a loan request page is automatically posted.

Lenders bid to lend you money. The more bids you get, the lower the rate of interest you pay. Therefore, it’s a good idea for you to promote your profile to stakeholders, friends and family.

3. Receive your loan

Once your loan is fully offered, you can choose to immediately accept or if there is still time to run in the auction, to promote the profile to new lenders, this will help to reduce the repayment rate.

Upon your acceptance, the loaned funds will be transferred directly to your bank.

4. Our fees

Our fees are 0.1% per month of the loan term, from a minimum of 2.9% to a maximum of 5.9%.


  • A loan taken over a period of 6-24 months = 2.9% of the loan amount
  • A loan taken over a period of 36 Months = 3.6% of the loan amount
  • A loan taken over a period of 48 Months = 4.8% of the loan amount
  • A loan taken over a period of 60 months = 5.9% of the loan amount

Our fees are deducted from the amount you raise, before the funds are sent to you.

Tips to save money:

  • Only ask for the funding you need; it is easy to request to borrow more at a later date.
  • Use tight repayment terms, pay down the loan as soon as possible – the terms can be changed later.
  • Review any overdraft facility you have with the bank.

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