Borrower News (4)


17th Aug 2017

It’s not uncommon for companies to return to; recently, Candy Hero Ltd. and Taylor Made Property Management both revisited […]

11th Aug 2015

Part of what draws many borrowers to crowdfunding is a sense of control over the outcome of their loan. Did […]

7th Aug 2015

Our weekly round-up of peer-to-peer and crowdfunding news. Peer-to-peer lenders get ahead of regulation with voluntary code, Yahoo Finance U.S. […]

29th Jul 2015 is offering an interest-free business loan to one company this summer Since we launched in 2012, we’ve helped over […]

24th Jul 2015

“UK to create trustmark for app businesses in ‘sharing economy'”, Financial Times “Minimum requirements for the UK trustmark will be […]

15th Jul 2015

In the midst of ongoing debate about the new budget announced last week, peer to peer lenders and borrowers can […]

8th Jul 2015

Construction Project Management business is requesting to borrow £100,000 over 60 months. If people invest in Provision UK Limited, “[the] […]

23rd Jun 2015

Attempts by some in the banking world to associate peer to peer lending with “shadow banking” simply don’t pass muster. […]

12th Feb 2015

As we reach 100 completed loans, we’re starting to notice more applications from businesses looking to grow through refinancing. This […]