P2P Weekly: Next FinTech Frontier

“This is the next revolution in fintech, according to investors,” Business Insider

With crowdfunding, P2P lending, alternative payment methods and more shaking up the financial tech industry, some investors have their eyes on a new area of opportunity — insurance.

“We’re just at the start of an insurance explosion here. I’ve seen more and more insurance companies in the US, Europe, and Asia getting started,” said venture capitalist Pascal Bouvier. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we tally the numbers on investment in insurance startups two years from now and it’s massive.”

“Startup bringing peer-to-peer lending to Canada this fall,” The Globe and Mail

A new Canadian lender called Lending Loop will individuals investors with as little as $50 to join its membership. It’s the first peer-to-peer lender accessible to average people in Canada, where other companies have only allowed accredited investors to join.

“Saved from the streets by crowdfunding, young woman looks to the future,” The Guardian

In a heartwarming story out of London, photographer Cathy Teesdale turned to the crowd to help Naiomi, a homeless woman and aspiring horse trainer, get into safe housing. Teesdale’s JustGiving campaign raised more than £1,000 in two days, and now Naiomi is getting back on her feet.

“Fast-growing P2P sector set for shakeout,” Wall Street Journal

New regulations from the Financial Conduct Authority designed to improve the security of the peer-to-peer lending sector are putting the squeeze on some firms. Industry leaders have said the new regulations drastically change the economic reality for lenders, especially smaller ones. Others have noted that “thinning the herd” may not be such a bad thing, as it will increase the reliability of the industry as a whole if all participating lenders are more economically stable.

“Prestamos Prima launches peer to peer lending for real estate in Spain,” Crowdfund Insider

Spanish finance group Prestamos Prima is launching Viventor, which will provide peer-to-peer loans secured by mortgages. Initially, it will only be open to EU investors. Says Prestamos Prima CEO Andris Rozenbahs:

“The financing model of high street banks is outdated, and they are too slow to change the course as fast as the market demands. Recent years have shown that alternative finance solutions are reshaping the industry, and a major change on stage is inevitable.”

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