P2P Weekly: Kickstarter

“Kickstarter now legally bound to balance altruism with profit,” CNET

Kickstarter has reorganized as a public benefit corporation after 6.5 years of operation. The move requires that they demonstrate ongoing efforts to positively impact society. About 0.1 percent of U.S. companies have the designation.

“Mapped: How the sharing economy is sweeping the world,” The Telegraph

The Telegraph has a fascinating map that shows where and how sharing economy companies are having the most impact. Take a look!

Peer-to-peer business loans to hit £12bn in 2020,” The Telegraph

According to a study of the business lending market, P2P lending is on track to grow 10 fold from 2014 to 2020.

“Improving technology has recently given rise to peer-to-business lending and crowdfunding as alternatives to banks. With an emphasis on user-friendliness and a concerted marketing drive, this sector is likely to grow rapidly over the years to 2020. Partly this will be come naturally through economic growth, but will also likely be due to these new businesses taking SME lending market share lending from banks,” the study says.

“P2P Lending: Addressing the Challenges that China is Facing as its Economy Transforms,” Crowdfund Insider</>

P2P may become an increasingly important component of China’s turbulent economy. Although regulations limit the lending format’s power (for example, P2P lenders can’t use their own money to secure loans), it continues to develop inroads in the economy. American businessman Barry Freeman moved to China to found Jimubox. He said he wants to “help build a company that will solve some of the challenges that China is facing as its economy transforms.”

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