P2P Weekly: The latest on China, and other news

“China jails 24 after 230,000 investors defrauded,” via Financial Times

Perpetrators of a massive scam that robbed primarily retail investors of $1.5 billion have received jail time. The Guangdong Bangjia Leasing Co. has spurred concerns about the limited regulation of China’s online lending industry — recently, P2P lender Ezubao was embroiled in scandal when 21 of its officials were arrested for fraud.

“Chinese Peer to Peer Lending Industry Does Not Need More Rules,” via Crowdfund Insider

Enforcing existing laws is more likely to solve China’s fraud problem than adding new ones, says one expert. Spencer Li says: “There are sufficient laws and policies currently in place that allow the government to investigate and prosecute fraud cases such as Ezubao, but the lack of vigilant enforcement is the reason similar schemes continue to operate.”

“‘I’m happy to accept a higher risk for a higher return’: How peer-to-peer Isas lend edge to investing,” via This Is Money

A comprehensive look at the forthcoming Innovative Finance ISA and how it will benefit lenders plugged into the P2P market.

Dynamic Pricing in Alternative and P2P Lending” via The Financial Brand

“Our prediction is that alt lenders will start to offer new, non-lending products. If so, then the door to dynamic pricing swings ever wider and we will see bundled offerings that can be relationship priced.”

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