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28th Jan, 2019

Dashboard Changes – Lender Performance Charts

We’re making changes to the look and feel of the website. One of the areas that you’ve told us you want to see change, is the lender dashboard. You’ve told us that you would like a more visual representation of your investments and use of the platform. We’ve been listening and have started implementing some changes.

You may have noticed the recent addition of the ‘Net Worth’ Chart on your lender dashboard. This helps you quickly interpret your performance throughout your time on Let’s review the new chart and see what it shows us…


11th Aug, 2015

4 Ways To Reduce Your Interest Rate

tnpsc-economics-questionsPart of what draws many borrowers to crowdfunding is a sense of control over the outcome of their loan. Did you know that borrower behaviour can have a serious impact on a loan’s interest rate?

A few simple behaviors can make all the difference in your loan’s competitiveness — and more competition means a better rate when your application completes. Here are a few ways you, the borrower, can incfluence your rate.

10th Sep, 2014

Interest rates might rise in 2015, but who should be concerned?

After five years of record lows, Mark Carney seems to be preparing the UK for a rise in the early part of 2015. It’s an encouraging sign of health in the UK economy, particularly after the Bank of England’s governor identified inflation and unemployment as the barometers for making the change.

This suggests life is getting a bit easier for the vast majority of people in the UK – and the governor has been careful to faze this in slowly – there are many who are concerned about the impact of a rate rise on family and business finances and the wider recovery.

For businesses, the time to read the small print in bank loan agreements is now. Repayments or fees linked to interest rate movements could destabilise a business, so refinancing away from a bank facility now could save a nasty surprise when rates do go up.


07th Mar, 2014

Happy Birthday, 0.5% Interest Rates

It’s the five year anniversary of record low interest rates this week and the world is a very different place for many of us now than when the decision was first made in 2009. Peer-to-business lending in its recognised form didn’t exist for one.

Whether you believe the economy is now more sustainable than before or not, financial services providers clearly think the worst is over and believe there is an opportunity to capitalise on the recovery.

This week Moneysupermarket reported that credit card APRs are at their highest average rates since 2001 at 18.17 per cent, while fixed rate and tracker mortgage rates have crept up since last year even, in anticipation of a rate rise and in recognition of easing conditions for consumers.


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