28th Jun, 2013

Borrower case study: Elginns Ltd

A couple of months ago rebuildingsociety.com funded a loan request from Elginns Ltd, which trades as The Windsor Castle, a successful pub in Weston-Super-Mare. We checked back with Dave Gough, a director of Elginns Ltd to see how the funds had made a difference to the business.


27th Jun, 2013

Peer Lending Beats Equity Returns

rebuildingsociety.com’s research on the size of the peer-to-peer lending market featured in the Financial Times on 26 June. It was in an article which reported that secured peer-to-peer lending outperformed equities on the Alternative Investment Market in the year to March 31 this year.

Originally produced in The Financial Times, 26 June 2013

27th Jun, 2013

Opinion: Funding Circle’s Controversial Minimum Investment Move

There’s one topic dominating the peer-to-peer discussion boards at the moment – the decision for Funding Circle to implement a minimum investment restriction on its auctions.

Some of the criticism aimed at Funding Circle is that it has restricted the market and made it almost impossible for the crowd’s due diligence process to take place, such is the speed at which auctions are filling.


26th Jun, 2013

Dan represents the UK at G20 Entrepreneurs’ Summit, Moscow

“The current economic crisis is a structural one. Emerging industries require that young people possess new knowledge and entrepreneurial skills.” Victor Sedov, President, Center for Entrepreneurship, a Founding Member of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance


26th Jun, 2013

Affiliate Marketing: How to Make the Most of it

As an affiliate marketer, your motivation is to earn money by referring traffic to a website, where business takes place. It sounds simple, but turning a click into referral fees takes practice and no little skill – it is all about creating trust. Here are a few pointers for running a successful affiliate marketing campaign:

Be the authority. Individuals lending to businesses online is a new and exciting industry that is receiving a lot of media coverage. Make sure your site visitors see the coverage, both from our site and reputable news sources and try to convey your excitement about the industry’s development.

Be relevant. We’re committed to providing our affiliate marketers with a steady stream of engaging and up to date content. Set up an RSS feed to the rebuildingsociety.com blog to make sure you receive this.

Be flexible. People consume different types of media and rebuildingsociety.com recognises this. We’ve produced a series of videos, as well as written content and podcasts through our partner crowdfundingpodcast.org, so make sure you offer visitors choice.

Be patient. Repeat visits are the key to creating trust in the mind of a potential lender or borrower, particularly in financial services so keep your interactions regular without becoming annoying. Case studies always help, as does independent press coverage, so highlight these.

Earning referral fees through affiliate marketing is a great way to build a casual income and create a reputation as a credible source of information in an otherwise crowded online environment.

Start as a rebuildingsociety.com affiliate marketer today!

25th Jun, 2013

rebuildingsociety.com in The Times

One of rebuildingsociety.com’s borrowers, Exquisite Handmade Cakes Ltd, told its story in The Times’ Money section on Saturday 22 June. This is exactly the sort of story we want to tell on behalf of our borrowers. We’ll be staying in touch with Exquisite Handmade Cakes Ltd to see if the positive exposure has created a positive impact on the business.

Originally produced in The Times, Saturday 22 June 2013


25th Jun, 2013

Why Factoring is the Abdication of Credit Control…

Let’s face it, nobody likes chasing a client for payment. There’s nothing quite like upsetting a supplier you’ve worked hard to please. However, it’s an important, necessary part of every business.

It’s really easy to forget to forward an invoice to the finance department and with so many companies requesting longer payment terms has never been so difficult to get right.

Banks will sell factoring as a way of mitigating the challenges of credit control, but it comes at a cost and could be avoided with good business practice.


24th Jun, 2013

What Will You Do if The Bank Calls in Your Loan?

An afternoon spent with some insolvency practitioners gave Dan Rajkumar a different perspective on why banks may want to remove credit lines overnight and how business owners should guard against the possibility… (more…)

19th Jun, 2013

Press release: rebuildingsociety.com joins the NACFB

Peer-to-business lending platform, rebuildingsociety.com, has joined the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) as it strengthens its ties with the broker community.

To date, the majority of rebuildingsociety.com’s applications have come through commercial finance brokers and the platform is keen to increase its supply of deals to meet the demand of its lender community.


17th Jun, 2013

Our P2P Lending Survey in Infographic Form

Our consumer research key findings:

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