Affiliate Marketing: How to Make the Most of it

As an affiliate marketer, your motivation is to earn money by referring traffic to a website, where business takes place. It sounds simple, but turning a click into referral fees takes practice and no little skill – it is all about creating trust. Here are a few pointers for running a successful affiliate marketing campaign:

Be the authority. Individuals lending to businesses online is a new and exciting industry that is receiving a lot of media coverage. Make sure your site visitors see the coverage, both from our site and reputable news sources and try to convey your excitement about the industry’s development.

Be relevant. We’re committed to providing our affiliate marketers with a steady stream of engaging and up to date content. Set up an RSS feed to the blog to make sure you receive this.

Be flexible. People consume different types of media and recognises this. We’ve produced a series of videos, as well as written content and podcasts through our partner, so make sure you offer visitors choice.

Be patient. Repeat visits are the key to creating trust in the mind of a potential lender or borrower, particularly in financial services so keep your interactions regular without becoming annoying. Case studies always help, as does independent press coverage, so highlight these.

Earning referral fees through affiliate marketing is a great way to build a casual income and create a reputation as a credible source of information in an otherwise crowded online environment.

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