More Than Finance – Support UK Business

Here at our ethos has always been to foster greater connection between lenders and borrowers and add value to the businesses raising finance through the platform. We encourage lenders to engage with the businesses that they lend to and support them beyond the financial transaction.

Where we can, we try to support the businesses that raise finance through In the past we’ve supported borrowers such as Netwise Hosting, Hippo Print and many more. Most recently we took advantage of Candy Hero’s summer sweet box sale.

Her Michael, Rick, Kieron and Dan enjoy the Candy Hero Sweets

If you lend to a business, it makes sense to also try, where possible, make use of their services / products or recommend them to friends and families. The more you help support the business and contribute to their growth, the better your financial investment.

If you have a story of a business you have invested in and then also supported beyond the platform let us know, we’d love to hear from you and how you’re supporting the community. Alternatively if you have a particular local business that you love to support, why not speak to them about becoming a borrower on, if they go on to apply and get funded as a result of your referral we’ll pay you a referral commission !

If you’re interested in referring businesses and lenders on a more regular basis, have a look at our affiliate area.  

If you’re a business looking for a business loan, look no further. Our online application takes less than 5 minutes to complete. We’ll work with you throughout the process and loan term to ensure that the finance helps your business grow as best it can! Find out more now or apply for a business loan now, by clicking below!

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