Loan purposes

At, we help British SMEs of all shapes and sizes to raise funds. Every business has unique needs based on the stage of their business journey, and we see a diverse range of funding requirements.

Some of the most common loan purposes include:

Business acquisition – We’ve funded a variety of business acquisitions all over the UK, across many sectors, all with different reasons for selling and buying. Most often, a business owner wants to enter a new industry or spots an opportunity to expand their existing business by offering new products or services.

Business growth – A growth strategy may include adding new locations, investing in customer acquisition, or offering new products. Additional funds can make this type of strategy possible.

R&D – Remaining competitive necessitates innovation. Companies that don’t grow and develop will stagnate and eventually fail. We can help fund new projects or new products which require cash to get off the ground.

Hiring staff – Need a marketing assistant to deal with social media? Need more technicians to help build products? Recruitment and onboarding new staff is expensive, but vital to keep a business running at full capacity.

Equipment purchases – Efficient, modern machinery is essential for manufacturing, engineering and construction firms, among others. If a business relies on machinery and equipment, but does not have sufficient working capital available to fund its purchase, it can be difficult to find a way forward. Whether it’s urgent funding for an unexpected replacement, or upgrading to more modern technology, we can help businesses get fast equipment financing.

Stock and materials purchases – Seasonal businesses need to ensure they have enough stock for when it is required, and buying large amounts in advance may be tricky if a business does not have sufficient working capital. Plant nurseries, holiday resorts and lawn care companies are a few examples. Manufacturers needing to purchase raw materials before creating an end product also need to ensure they are able to buy the materials they need.

Debt consolidation – Refinancing existing debt can help management to focus on their business; less worrying about payments and more time to run your business. You can negotiate smaller monthly payments, or a lower rate of interest.

Working capital – As they say in the accounting world, “Cash is King”. If a business hasn’t sufficient cash flow, then there are all manner of problems in store.

Refurbishment of premises – Whether it’s meeting workplace health and safety requirements, or improving customer experience, improving business premises is key to happy employees and happy customers.

Deposits for property purchases – With deposits of 20% to 40% required for a commercial mortgage, sufficient capital is needed for a property purchase. An alternative finance solution can provide funds to get the property chain moving.

Bridging finance – Whether it’s to purchase new commercial premises, buy a property at auction, pay a tax bill, or provide immediate working capital, our quick, short-term finance options allow a business to ‘bridge the gap’ until a permanent solution is arranged.

What can’t we help with?

Our community of lenders wants to help UK SMEs, especially those businesses local to them, to grow and thrive, improving their local business community. However, there are are a few loan purposes we can’t help with, which include:

Onwards lending – We only lend to a specific business; this business must not pass the funds on to other businesses, even if they are owned by the same director or linked in some other way.

Personal debt refinancing – Only business debt can be refinanced. Please contact the Citizens Advice Bureau if you are struggling and in need of personal finance advice.

Loans for certain industries excluded on moral grounds – While we love helping small businesses, we are unable to assist any businesses affiliated with gambling or adult entertainment.

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