14th Apr 2020

With the current COVID-19 crisis decimating the income streams of businesses up and down the country, working capital and cashflow has never been harder to manage for SMEs. We're offering interest-only loans for 6 months.

25th Nov 2019

The secondary marketplace has enjoyed a sustained level of buoyancy since the introduction of the BuyBack Guarantee. The months of […]

31st Oct 2019

This summer, the rebuildingsociety team launched, created a major innovation in P2P lending, the Peer-to-Peer Lending Buyback Guarantee (BBG. It […]

4th Oct 2019

Are you a director who has lent money to your business as a director’s loan? Are you using the IFISA […]

15th Aug 2019

Here at our ethos has always been to foster greater connection between lenders and borrowers and add value to […]

19th Jul 2019

Tada! Hopefully you’ve noticed the new look and feel of the platform! We’ve been working hard over the past few […]

8th Jul 2019

Times of turbulence and uncertainty can either mean bad news for small businesses or can be a time of growth […]

1st Jul 2019

Whilst it seems that every other week there is a news story about another high-street chain that is closing stores […]

10th Jun 2019

Growing a business is hard work. As you grow, you’re likely to need to access various forms of funding from […]