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23rd Jul 2020

As part of our underwriting process, applications go through 3 distinct stages prior to being listed on our platform. Our aim is to present only the best of our applicants to our lenders.

14th Apr 2020

With the current COVID-19 crisis decimating the income streams of businesses up and down the country, working capital and cashflow has never been harder to manage for SMEs. We're offering interest-only loans for 6 months.

5th Mar 2020

Millions of people across the world and UK are anxiously keeping tabs on the latest updates from the health authorities […]

18th Nov 2019

  Believe it or not, there are just FIVE weeks to Christmas! All shops (if they hadn’t already started in […]

13th Dec 2018

We caught up with Samir from Kadco Fashion & Textiles to find out more about his business and why he […]

6th Nov 2018

With the Bonfire smoke clearing and the sound of fireworks still ringing, in our ears many people now turn to […]

14th Aug 2018

I like cool names. Which means I love Fist Bump For Science, even before I realise just what a great […]

17th Jul 2018

Richard Britton of Hull Boxes and Packaging in dialogue with journalist and business consultant Bird Lovegod Richard, it’s always interesting […]

13th Jun 2018

A quick chat with Siobhan and Steve from Wisteria Care, a successfully expanding family business. Firstly, could you tell me, […]