Help Wanted! Astra Recruitment Solutions Seeks Lenders

Astra Recruitment Solutions Co-Director Donna Barnes describes her business as a “bespoke personal recruitment solution.” Consultants provide customised service for each client and job candidate to ensure every recruit is just what their company needs, and vice versa.

In the booming recruitment industry, Astra has grown rapidly and needs more staff to keep up with demand. So today, they’re recruiting investors. Astra has applied for a £25,000 loan to be able to hire three additional consultants to enable growth across divisions. Our investment community has already reacted positively to this exciting opportunity, and the application has reached its funding target. However, Astra continues to welcome lenders to compete and improve the loan’s interest rate.

Specialized Solutions

“Our consultants are specialists within their markets and so are able to advise and guide how the market is and guide on what is needed to recruit and retain the best talent,” Barnes explains. “We work hard at understanding the culture fit of clients, and in the current passive candidates-driven market, we know where to find that talent.”

The loan will help Astra hire three additional consultants and train them in specialised areas to further strengthen Astra’s offerings to clients, because at the moment Astra has more work than its consultants can effectively handle.

“We want the business to have a nurturing culture to develop our own talent by investing in training and coaching alongside realistic targets. Our aim is to deliver win-win-win recruitment solutions where all parties benefit and build long term, trusted strategic partnerships.”

A Successful Business, A Trustworthy Loan

Barnes has 15 years of experience in recruitment, and co-director Carol McGeary has more than 20 years in the industry. Together, they created a business that has seen rapid and sustained growth in its first few years of operations. The loan is guaranteed both personally and with a second charge on a property.

Astra has a sister recruitment company, Mitrem Recruitment Solutions, which together form the Talem Recruitment Group. The group was formed to allow for future expansion and acquisition.

“We are excited and appreciative, because this injection will enable us to realise and secure our long term goals for Astra,” Barnes says.

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