Bellman Media Turns to P2P Lending to Maximise Potential

Bellman Media prides itself on leveraging its innovation and passion to serve high profile clients like Standard & Poors and Fidelity International.

Now, the company is inviting lenders to collaborate. With a loan application for £100,000 on the marketplace, Bellman leaders hope to improve cashflow and invest in a new growth strategy. After recently losing a major client affected by government cost-cutting, they hope P2P lending will get them back on an even keel and “give investors an opportunity to benefit from our planned future growth,” says Ruth Stevens, a founding director of the agency.

A Plan For Growth

The company’s growth plans would see turnover push upwards of £1.8 million over the next 12 months.

“We have a proven track record and the experience we’ve gained gives us a genuinely focused vision of future opportunities, using our tried-and-tested skills,” Stevens explains. The company’s client base continues to grow and spans multiple industries.

Investments in infrastructure and staffing will allow the company to pursue new clients, broaden the scope of their products and try more innovative techniques. The directors are offering a second charge on the loan over their residential property to improve lender security.

A Company With Personality

For Bellman, the marketing industry is anything but faceless. The company says its passion is “translated not only through our work – ensuring it is of the highest quality, delivered on time and on budget – but also through our relationship with our clients. We are proud to say that we have an extremely high client retention rate and our relationships are so strong that when our contacts change roles they often want to carry on working with us, this opening the door to new business opportunities.”

That client loyalty poises Bellman to successfully expand their portfolio. Collaboration is a key part of Bellman’s strategy, so working with lenders directly on to bring more stakeholders into their growth is a natural choice for the company. Stevens is confident the investment will pay off for lenders.

“We have a very specific vision for growth and the company going forward. We want to build on our recent successes with digital innovation as we can see there are real opportunities here – both for current clients and in opening doors to new ones.”

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