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Elite Training is aiming for the next level

Elite Training Assessing & Development provides teachers with training and qualifications on a flexible schedule. This company has brought first-rate training to future teachers in Wigan and Manchester. With a £50,000 loan from the rebuildingsociety community, Elite hopes to improve cashflow to hire additional staff and soon move to new premises. A commitment to education The three founders met when they were lecturers at a college together. They decided to start a company in an area they were all passionate about — teaching — in November 2012. The company provides the same level of training and certification as other options but offers additional flexibility and customization. “People trust our reputation and the qualifications we offer,” said Clodius Ngwenya, one of the directors. Strong ethics Elite strives to be a highly ethical business with a deep commitment to the communities it serves. That’s part of what drew Ngwenya to rebuildingsociety — those shared values made it a natural fit. “Because we are a community interest company, we were looking for a funder who is ethical and understands the community side of things.” Elite is offering personal guarantee from two of the directors as security for this loan. You can learn more about this opportunity on the application page and discussion.

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