Introducer FAQs

What is an introducer / adviser?

Someone who refers new users to the website, lenders, borrowers or other introducers. These are typically people connected with commercial finance. It can include accountants, lawyers and other business professionals.

How do I become an introducer?

You choose the type of user when you register, but this can be changed.

Can I lend or borrow as an introducer?

Yes, you do either, but not both on the same application.

What commission can I earn?

1.5% on the funding requirement for borrowers. Commissions also apply to introducing lenders, but are at our discretion. If you have the potential to introduce significant funds, please contact us directly.

What fees apply to introducers?

None, unless you use the website as a lender or borrower where relevant fees apply.

What happens if a company I refer defaults?

While there are no liabilities that are passed on, it may bring into question the quality of applications you refer. We may contact you during the course of our recovery action to see if you can assist us.

How soon will I get paid any commission?

Normally within a week of loan completion. Please submit an invoice to us electronically.

If a borrower I referred is late in repaying, what do I do?

Nothing. You are not responsible for repayment performance.

How can I monitor my applications?

We are always working to improve the dashboard to facilitate this and hope to include functionality to display applications submitted by brokers from the same brokerage in the near future.

Who do I approach for a partnership / JV proposition?

Please email and we’ll pick up with you. If you’re interested in obtaining a white-labelled version of the website please visit

Why should I refer business to you over someone else?

We’re professional, courteous, quick to respond and value repeat business.

Can I license / buy your technology?

Yes. We’ll need an application from you that describes what you want to do with crowdfunding and we’ll see about creating a site just for you. Please visit