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Lender Info Pack

Keeping our lenders informed is something we take very seriously at In addition to our Lender Education blog category, which features articles dedicated to providing information about various aspects of our platform, we have also created a Lender Info Pack, ready for you to download, read and refer to.

Our lender-focused pdf document begins with an introduction to our platform and a look at the lifecycle of lenders. We then offer an overview of the types of lender accounts we offer, before moving on to explain how to use our platform. This section includes what to understand before lending, navigating the lender dashboard, how to lend, our automatic bidding tool and the recovery processes we follow should they prove necessary.

You can download the lender info pack here, and visit our Lender Education blog section here. If you have any questions about the lender process on, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Download our lender info pack

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