Northern Business Helping Northern Businesses

Grimsby, York, Manchester, Glasgow and Dundee; these are some of the home towns of businesses that rebuildingsociety lenders have helped fund in the last month. Since the beginning of September 2017, has raised over £230,000, 90% of which has been for northern businesses, positioning as one of the biggest supporters of northern British SMEs.

As a proud to be Yorkshire business, is passionate about helping local businesses grow. In the last month, our lenders have helped:

A traditional Dundee pub, located ideally between both Dundee United and Dundee FC, that prides itself on creating a place away from home that brings not only sports fans together, but also students and local families.

A babies clothes and pet accessories store based in Yarm to raise the finance they needed to grow their business to open a new store in York and to be able to offer pet grooming to some of their clients.

A Glaswegian electrical contracting company to raise the £50,000 working capital needed to deliver major contracts that it has recently won.

A Darlington (North Yorkshire) based vehicle and transport logistics company that works alongside Bristol Street Motors to raise £25,000 to be able to expand their workforce in order to take on a new client, thereby growing their business by reducing their client concentration.

A construction and building services company
in Grimsby raise £26,000 in part funding order to assist the business in taking on a new construction project that will be supported by further financing from the local authority.

A leading cloud solutions company raise the match funding that it needed to meet the conditions of its approval for investment from the Greater Manchester Investment Fund. The funding raised through our lenders and that of the GMIF will allow this tech company to bring its latest products to market quicker ahead of competition.

We’re proud to be able to assist the businesses of the north in their ambitions for their businesses. By bringing these lending opportunities to an open marketplace, it not only allows the businesses to raise the finance that they need, but also allows the lenders to make real lending decisions, allowing them to consciously support businesses that are local to them or that they have an interest in supporting. This interaction between lender and borrower creates a more dynamic and sustainable financial transaction The borrowing businesses know that they are borrowing from real individuals who have chosen to support them above other businesses, and lenders know that they too are supporting real people.

This connection and interaction between our lenders and borrowers is becoming increasingly unique in the P2P industry as other peer-to-business lending platforms choose to move away from the marketplace lending model in favour of a more institutional feeling model, which completely separates and removes lender and borrower interaction.

rebuildingsociety will remain committed to helping British SMEs finance their business needs from investors who are interested in supporting the business – beyond a simple financial transaction.

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