Prima Cleaners Looks to the Future

Prima Cleaners has a long history in the launderette business. They recently turned to to seek £53,000 in funds that they plan to use to expand and develop their company.

We spoke to Graeme Davies to find out more about Prima Cleaners, and asked him about the company’s history and future.

Thank you for talking to us today, Graeme. Tell us a bit about Prima Cleaners.

Prima Cleaners was founded 16 years ago, in the newly-earmarked business district of Liverpool. During the first two years, the store struggled, as there were not many commercial offices on the high street.

Sixteen years down the line, we are now the only independent store on Old Hall Street, alongside chain stores such as Tesco, Sainsbury and Starbucks. We have become an established brand in the Merseyside area.

The dry cleaning industry has been in decline over the last 10 years. There is more of a focus on laundry, as more manufacturers are using washable fabrics and new generations are coming through.

Prima was introduced to the Miele WetCare system around five years ago when it was in the testing stage. At this point we knew that this would be the future of our industry, should it come to market.

Do you use the WetCare system today?

In 2014, Prima set out to open its full WetCare Dry Cleaners. After 12 months of success, we proceeded to open another. Prima now has four full stand-alone stores, with a further two receiving units opening before the summer.

Prima has projected its turnover from these six sites to be in excess of £750,000, taking into consideration the contract we have with Liverpool Football Club.

What differentiates you from your competitors?

Prima has been praised in the industry for turning what always seemed to be a boring and unhealthy business into a vibrant, green alternative to traditional dry cleaning. Prima has also created a platform for anyone coming into the industry that would be hard to beat. Prima now cleans leather and suede, handbags, shoes, wedding dresses, gowns, duvets and curtains, among others, all on-site, as a one-of-a-kind service that has never before been offered from stand-alone stores.

How does the Prima mobile app work?

The app, which can be easily downloaded, allows users to connect to the software of the store’s machines, choose the temperature of the wash and pay. It’s a world-class payment system.

Prima has secured the UK rights to use the app, and we have begun to contact developers and universities about their future laundry requirements.

Why did you choose to seek funding via seemed to understand the need and the focus of a company that wants to and has the capability to expand.

Why do you think lenders should choose your loan over others?

Our gross margin is 90% and we have a good clear vision of our plans moving forward.

What do you plan to spend the funding acquired on?

The money will be spent on machines, fitting out shops, and developing and launching the new app.

Visit the Prima Cleaners website for more information, or read more about their loan application on

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