Borrower News (2)


23rd Jul 2020

As part of our underwriting process, applications go through 3 distinct stages prior to being listed on our platform. Our aim is to present only the best of our applicants to our lenders.

13th Dec 2018

We caught up with Samir from Kadco Fashion & Textiles to find out more about his business and why he […]

14th Aug 2018

I like cool names. Which means I love Fist Bump For Science, even before I realise just what a great […]

17th Jul 2018

Richard Britton of Hull Boxes and Packaging in dialogue with journalist and business consultant Bird Lovegod Richard, it’s always interesting […]

13th Jun 2018

A quick chat with Siobhan and Steve from Wisteria Care, a successfully expanding family business. Firstly, could you tell me, […]

23rd Jun 2017

Luxury Lady Limited is currently seeking funds on The company has launched the ChinUp Mask, a new beauty treatment […]

17th Mar 2017

Prima Cleaners has a long history in the launderette business. They recently turned to to seek £53,000 in funds […]

14th Mar 2017

Xanadu UK Retail Limited is seeking funding via for the acquisition of a market-leading wholesale lingerie business in the […]

11th Aug 2015

Part of what draws many borrowers to crowdfunding is a sense of control over the outcome of their loan. Did […]