What if your bank became one of your customers?

It will never happen with a bank of course because they’re not set up to work that way, but it doesn’t mean other loan providers won’t.

rebuildingsociety.com believes in paying interest for a service above and beyond receiving a loan. Our lenders understand the connection between a thriving SME community and the overall health of the UK economy and are prepared to lend to businesses to support that – they’re also happy to passively support the businesses they lend like this:

–          Engaging on social media, following and re-tweeting to spread awareness of your company

–          Recommending the business to others

–          Becoming a customer

–          Introducing potential clients / suppliers / job candidates

–          Offering professional help

It’s an arrangement that works for everyone, if a slightly new aspect to raising finance.

We believe everyone sees value in this arrangement as in the future it will become very localised and lenders will be able to receive preferential rates for being local and actively involving themselves in the business.

As a borrower you might be wondering why you should go for a loan from the crowd instead of an institution?

Aside from the speed and willingness to lend that you just don’t see from the banks, because business is changing, it’s becoming more community-focused and people are better connected than ever before through LinkedIn and other social networks.

Businesses of all descriptions can tap into that, you don’t need to be a restaurant or high street shop to benefit, every business needs customers, employees, expert advice and marketing help.

We’re developing a trust points system so lenders and borrowers can build prestige on rebuildingsociety.com by going the extra mile.

Plus, there’s no early repayment charge, so if the loan has served its purpose, you’ve grown and want to refinance, you can do so for no charge.

It’s what we call rebuildingsociety.

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