Business Debt Consolidation and Refinancing

Managing finances in business can be devilishly difficult at times, but knowing when the right time to look at restructuring debt can help SME owners get their businesses back on track.

Consolidating debt can make calculating future performance much simpler

Some forms of finance, like factoring or credit cards can tie business owners down into long-term recurring costs with stings in the tail.

A peer-to-peer business loan could consolidate several debts and give owners valuable breathing space to get back to what inspired them to set up a business in the first place:

Increase your cash flow:
Short-term debt can be converted into a manageable long term plan.

Avoid unnecessary legal fees:
Settle debts and avoid paying out nasty fees.

Your payments are fixed and affordable:
Cash outlay can be forecast and managed better. We have no early repayment charges or interest rate-linked charges, so you can be certain of what you need to repay.

Right now, rebuildingsociety is helping businesses get their finances back on track, by providing debt consolidation and refinancing loans.

Our lenders can recognise a good, profitable business that needs a bit of support to better manage financial commitments – just one of the reasons why peer-to-peer lending offers better value than banks.

We’re also building relationships between businesses and the crowd that is helping companies to raise further growth finance in the future, as well as winning new business from lenders and their contacts.

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