Concept Automotive is in the Fast Lane to Growth

Popular automotive leasing company Concept has come to to pursue its next round of growth and improvements.

Paul Bulloch launched this venture 12 years ago because he was ready to step out on his own after many years as a businessman. As his business continues to grow, he proves the automotive industry is in his blood.

“My grandfather worked for a Ford dealership for most of his life. In school holidays I’d always go and clean the cars. So the automotive trade has always been of interest, and I decided I’d take the plunge and do it on a full time basis. I started from scratch, but I had experience working for businesses in various sectors, and of course combined with that enthusiasm and passion you have if you’re starting a brand new project. Everything has been self taught, and I’ve built up a huge amount of experience over the last 12-13 years.”

The road to growth

Concept is just one player in the UK’s $21 billion leasing and rental sector, and there’s plenty of opportunities to seek a bigger piece of the pie, Bulloch said. Concept serves customers around the UK, primarily in the south. The company operates numerous services, including small fleet management for businesses, short-term leasing for businesses and long-term leasing for individual customers. That latter service is gaining traction in the UK and is a definite growth area.

“We have a good reputation in our marketplace: We have the backing of funders that effectively provide the lease agreements on our behalf. We’re partners with two of the biggest leasing providers in Europe if not the world.”

With such strong backing and a series of popular leasing programs, Bulloch and his team feel poised to grow the six core areas of the company. These efforts include marketing and branding improvements as well as training for new team members and on new areas of the business.

“We’re passionate about this business, and there’s never a dull moment. We’re continually evolving in what we do, the market is continually changing, and we’re looking forward to the next five years or so.”

Concept has won awards across the industry, including for Best Small Fleet Leasing Company

Seeking invested lenders

After carefully examining market options, Bulloch came to rebuildingsociety to seek £48,000 for Concept because he liked the strong community aspect.

“At the end of the day, I’ve always been a believer in networking. We generate an awful lot of our business through repeat business and referrals. I liked the idea of seeking a loan where the people are going to take an interest and invest in our future.”

Realizing that at he could reach real people — and potential customers — seeking to invest as well as a very competitive interest rate, Bulloch took the plunge. With a successful loan application, Bulloch hopes to refinance debt, invest in training, and inject working capital into the business.

You can learn more about this loan opportunity at the profile and discussion board for Concept Automotive.

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