Share Your Opinion in the FCA Crowdfunding Surveys!

Regulation is a key, constantly topical issue in the world of finance. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is undergoing a review of crowdfunding regulation in the UK and is collaborating with the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CAAF) in order to carry out a Regulation Review.

Through this research programme, scheduled to finish on the 22nd December, the FCA and CAAF aim to obtain feedback that can give them insight into any changes in the nature of the industry; its clients and their expectations; and its position in the financial services landscape. The team at CAAF also expect the research to cover topics such as risk assessment, due diligence management, and investment variation.

The intention is that this feedback be current, free from bias and driven by data. It is expected that the results will demonstrate the ways in which the sector has developed since the 2014 introduction of regulation.

Where you come in…

The feedback from crowdfunding platform users is always important; it enables us to enhance our site, develop improvements and hone the services we offer to better suit those who use them. On this occasion, input from our community is particularly vital, because the feedback received will be used to shape regulation. It is with this in mind that we not only invite, but also encourage you to complete the below surveys by the deadline of next Thursday, 22nd December.

Lenders, please fill in the investor survey that focuses on P2P Business Lending.
, please follow this link to your P2P Business Lending survey.

Thank you for participating and helping to shape the future of crowdfunding!

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