Interest Rates Won’t Affect Your Crowdfunding Loan

It’s common practice for banks to sell loans or credit facilities which factor in things out of the borrower’s control like interest rates or inflation and link them to repayments – it’s how so many businesses were missold interest rate swaps.

Crowdfunding loans through doesn’t work like that.

If a business takes out a loan using crowdfunding, the rate is fixed at the agreed level, regardless of whether the base rate shoots up from 0.5 per cent or stays the same over the period of the loan.

If you get a comparatively good rate now – so anything less than your bank is offering – you’ll be working with an even better comparative rate a few years down the line if the base rate has risen and your competitors are bleeding money to stay on top of their repayments.

Plus you can always repay a loan early should you have an especially profitable period.

The crowdfunding model was designed for flexibility, so if you pay off your loan, who are we to stop you?

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