Invest ethically, why not.

There is sometimes a misunderstanding, a false assumption, that ethical investments are somehow likely to perform less well than unethical ones. It’s almost as if some investors think they can’t have their cake and eat it, that they can’t make ethical investment choices and get a great return on their money. This is definitely not true. In fact, it seems almost obvious that as we, as human beings, become more ethical and considerate of our environment, (we are, which is part of the reason it doesn’t always seem that way, we’re more aware of it now) the companies that will perform best are those that are aligned with the increase in ethics. In other words, good business is more sustainable, more intelligent, more attractive to customers, than blunt capitalism that makes a profit at the expense of life itself. The rise in BCorps is testament to this, as is the clear and obvious dissatisfaction of the millennial generation that have absolute access to the evidence of environmental and humanitarian degradation and are definitely not wanting to be part of it in any way, least of all by investing in companies complicit in it. Investing in something funds it, makes more of it happen, supports it and gives it a clear thumbs up. Investing in local businesses supports them, empowers them, enables them to employ more people, and do more good on the ground.

You’ve come to the right place.

Bird Lovegod

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