Customer Insight Analyst (£8 - £12 /hr) PT/FT

About the Company

We're a new-finance company operating a peer-to-business lending platform from the heart of Leeds. We have been trading since 2012, and have established a reputation for connecting businesses and lenders online in a quick, efficient manner.

We're a small, hardworking, personable team operating in a competitive marketplace, with something to prove.

As a peer-to-business lending platform known for its transparency, our role is to help interpret and understand the risks to which our loan applicants (small businesses) are exposed and to represent them in a clear and simple manner way, for our lending community to consider.

We do not make lending decisions on behalf of customers, nor do we perform portfolio management. However, we do have a responsibility to help educate our lenders and to bring to their attention the identified risks associated with lending to each business.

At a strategic level, the overall performance of our loan book links directly to our reputation, which must be managed in line with the strategic growth of the business and its objectives.

About the Role

As a Customer Insight Analyst, you are responsible for advancing the company’s use of customer data by building and maintaining a 360° view of the Customer. This role produces critical business reporting to support employees across the organisation in leveraging customer-level data to drive business strategies and tactics.

As our Customer Insight Analyst, you will be part of our Marketing Team. You will help our business understand our clients. Your work involves determining how to gather relevant data about customers and potential consumers. You will collect this information and break it down in a meaningful way. You may use the information they analyze to identify market trends or to find customer needs that are not currently being met.

The role includes the preparation of detailed reports and tracking of lead origination channels and the customer acquisition cost for each channel and each customer.

Main Duties

  • Supports the development of the customer research function to identify and create customer personas and new campaign opportunities
  • Provides relevant and actionable insights/recommendations that will shape general customer behavior understanding, which will influence marketing and operation activities as well as the overall brand strategy. 
  • Help design, develop and implement data, analytics and visualisation solutions
  • Helps align integrated customer data and requirements with our own business analytic and reporting tools and generate customized actionable business intelligence
  • Identify and delegate tasks and provide task time estimates
  • Research and develop best practices in business analytics to drive quantified business value
  • Develop case studies capturing business value realized by customers
  • Assess and evaluate all feedback to ensure that issues are addressed correctly
  • Support the firm's online reputation management strategy.
  • Capture and interpret customer data from a range of sources and communicate these findings across departments.
  • Lead on customer propensity analysis and leverage this intelligence to improve marketing strategy.
  • Manage data quality and ensure actionable uses organization-wide.
  • Provide expert advice on the best analytical tools and software.
  • Develop a strategic data transformation plan and communicate this framework to relevant stakeholders.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Psychology or Statistics
  • High level of written English, knowledge of grammar and ability to create original, informative, appealing copy

Desirable skills - Training will be provided

1. Technically skilled

It is essential that a customer insight analyst has strong numerical and statistical skills. Preferably, insight analysts should be trained in a STEM subject to a degree level, with prior experience using statistical analysis techniques. For instance, they should be familiar with analysis software. In addition, they should have a flair for coding, with the ability to write and correct their own work.

2. An adept problem-solver

An exceptional insight analyst will apply creative analytic methods to solve problems. Therefore, although mathematical skill is important, a great customer insight analyst will be creative as well as technically gifted. In essence, having the tools is not enough – the analyst needs to know how and when to use them. With a perceptive, inventive approach to analytics, a great customer insights analyst will be able to leverage customer data to generate solutions.

3. A curious mind

The best analysts are curious analysts – and a truly gifted customer insight analyst will always ask questions. Always looking to explore new possibilities and unearth knowledge, these analysts will seek new analytic approaches, explore data, and relish new challenges. Often, these analysts will solve problems customers did not even know they had – which is a sure-fire way to maximize customer satisfaction.

It rewarding to see year on year growth from our marketing campaigns

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