Lender Experience Enhancements on rebuildingsociety.com

New dashboard

We’re always busy improving the site to meet the needs of our lenders. Here’s a reminder of the latest releases and what’s coming up.

What’s happened:

–          Recently we’ve implemented a new dashboard for clearer reporting of your investments.

–          We’ve also given you the option to manage your notifications. You can be emailed each time you’re outbid on an auction and whenever someone buys a micro loan from you, keeping your capital employed constantly. If it gets too much, you can switch them off from your settings options.

–          BidPal now works, so if you’re stuck for time you can bid automatically on our new opportunities provided you have at least £200 in your account as BidPal restricts lending more than 5% of your capital to any one opportunity with a minimum £10 bid.

–          You can now make multiple bids with just one click. This is ideal for splitting down big bids if you’re planning to trade on the micro loan market.

–          Settings can be configured if you want to make regular interest withdrawals or reinvest your earnings automatically.

What we’re working on:

–          The new dashboard has given us plenty of new development work as people have asked us for further improvements, which we’re working through now.

–          A more detailed statistics page is in the pipeline, including bad debt predictions.

–          Selecting a range of months on your statement for tax purposes.

–          More email notifications. If you’ve got something you would like to be prompted on please let us know at support@rebuildingsociety.com

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