Packing Company Hopes to Wrap up Their Marketing with a P2P Loan

Hull Boxes & Packaging has been in operations for 2.5 years and its director Richard Britton hopes a successful loan application at will help the company seize a growth opportunity with a new marketing campaign.

Hull is a family owned and independent business, and Britton says his friendly and hard-working personality shines through in the ethics of the company. He grew up in the packaging industry and is dedicated to providing a positive customer experience.

“The lenders are not lending to some corporation; they are lending to an independent business which cares and knows that every penny will be invested in improving and growing the company. Also, the lender knows I as an individual will have invested heavily too, so all monies will be utilised to maximum effect.”

A New P2P Fan
After some negative experiences with banks, Britton decided to try P2P lending as an alternative way to finance Hull’s marketing campaign.

“We decided to try Peer to Peer lending as you know commercial banks are closed when it comes to supporting small and medium size business development and have no appetite to support and work along side developing businesses. Here real people can see we create jobs and employ people within manufacturing and support British industry.”

As for rebuildingsociety, Britton says he’d recommend our community to any small-business owner seeking capital.

Pursuing A Larger Client Base

Hull’s marketing campaign will help the company expand the type of merchandise it is able to provide and pursue new clients, such as microbreweries.

“Already we have a 50% up turn of enquiries from last year’s campaign, and now we need to keep the momentum up and become a lot more sophisticated in our approach.”

Other immediate goals include implementing online direct marketing and online ordering systems.

After a few days in the marketplace, this application is 100 percent complete. There are still two days to offer competitive bids. Learn more by visiting the loan page and the discussion board!

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