Do you need a Candy Hero this Halloween?








You may wish to get some treats for your mummy or you may have plans to be goblin them all down yourself. “Witch”ever way you decide to celebrate this Halloween don’t have nightmares about missing out on Candy Hero’s devilishly good sweets and enjoy our little couplet.


A Witches Warning

The cold has set in so fire up your combi

Or else you’ll be walking around like a zombie

Sit back and relax with a tonic and gin

Or try your hand at carving a pumpkin

If trick or treat is asked by a man called Death

Give him a sweet or he’ll take your last breath

I’d say werewolves scare me the most

For others however, it could be a ghost

If you’re out and about, or round a campfire

Beware of Dracula or any other vampire

A final warning as Halloween approaches,

Watch out for the headless horseman and his coaches

Each of these monsters are deadly for sure

If you get bitten or worse, visit me for a cure.


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