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09th Feb, 2016

Collaboration with investUP Helps Bring Investment to the Masses

At rebuildingsociety, we are pleased to be collaborating with investUP, an investment aggregator that launched last year – and today, they have a brand new website that will make the user experience even more seamless and powerful.

At investUP, users can streamline their investing experience across 25+ crowdfunding sites from one account. This is ideal for investors who have accounts on 8-10 platforms, explains co-founder Dom Wolf.

investUP has a simple mission. Says CEO James Tuckett: “We’ve focused the platform on the very real challenges faced by the crowdfunding industry today. Today investing isn’t an everyday thing – it’s associated with those in the know. Today savings and investment options for regular people are rubbish. If you’re one of the 99% you’d be lucky to earn yourself a measly 1% return. Well, our answer is a people friendly portal to access the entire P2P & crowdfunding market, and we’re launching it at Finovate today.”

rebuildingsociety is built upon that same passion for making high-return investing accessible to the masses, which makes this a particularly apt partnership. And rebuildingsociety’s exemplary API makes it even easier for investUP users to lend to rebuildingsociety borrowers.

“We’re trying to encourage more and more sites to have APIs, and we’d be happy if more sites used rebuildingsociety’s API because we’ve done all the work to integrate it,” said Wolf.

As investUP moves into its next phase with a new website and many new features, rebuildingsociety remains enthusiastic about the collaboration. Says rebuildingsociety managing director Daniel Rajkumar:

“We’re excited to be a featured platform on investUP, an aggregator that shares our goal of bringing smart investment opportunities to everyone. Our API allows InvestUP users to seamlessly lend to rebuildingsociety borrowers. InvestUP are a great team and we look forward to building on this relationship for years to come.”

You can visit investUP’s new website today!The site includes new features, including Club Up, an social tool that gamifies the investing process and allows users to connect with other lenders, see what they’re lending and more. The site has also improved its search mechanism to take the guesswork out of the process. A semi-randomized search will present users with a set of opportunities from among the more than 100-150 deals available at any time.

We believe this partnership represents a growing interest in P2P lending throughout the UK as well as the industry’s ever-expanding capacity to adapt to technology, promote small businesses and put user’s needs first and foremost.

25th Jan, 2016

P2P Weekly: A Look at the Evolving Lending Market, and Other News

“The Evolving Nature Of P2P Lending Marketplaces,” TechCrunch

The world of P2P lending continues to adapt and grow, with bigger investors and even banks getting in on the action. This article from TechCrunch takes a broad look and offers feasible predictions for the future.

“The sharing economy probably means much less inequality, not more,” The Telegraph

Fintech and crowdsharing markets could lead to a new economic structure — and perhaps a much more horizontally distributed one.

“Taking flight: The allure and the peril of Chinese fintech companies,” The Economist

The Economist breaks down the Chinese P2P market, which is one of the fastest growing and most fraught in the world. Nearly 1/3 of companies have had major problems, so the Chinese government is rolling out new regulations. Despite high risk, the market appeals to investors around the world who want to get in on the ground floor of an exploding market that is quickly expanding its reach internationally.

“Regulations Galore Part II: Peer to Peer Lending in China,” Crowdfund Insider

A careful look at the aforementioned regulations on Chinese lending.

“FCA Publishes Consultation on Loan Based Crowdfunding. Agency Seeks to Simplify Client Money Requirements,” Crowdfund Insider

“According to the FCA, presently an investors money held in relation to peer to peer loans must be segregated from the firms own money and any other assets. The regulator agency understands that some debt based platforms find this process burdensome as many P2P lenders have not developed systems to easily segregate funds between P2P or B2B lending agreements. The FCA is proposing to allow firms to elect to to hold both kinds under CASS 7, if they wish to do so. Firms may then segregate P2P and B2B monies together, but separately from the firms’ money, without breaching CASS 7.”

03rd Dec, 2015

rebuildingsociety Speaks On P2P At Construction Conference

In November, rebuildingsociety was invited to speak on the subject of Alternative Finance at the National Federation of Builders’ (NFB) Principal Contractors Group Annual Conference in London.

This was an event attended by senior figures from the property and construction industry, hosted by well known journalist Cathy Newman, the Channel 4 news presenter. Speakers included the NFB’s Chief Executive Richard Beresford and Lord Kerslake, the former head of the Civil Service.

Speakers noted two key problems in the UK building sector:

  • A shortfall in housebuilding (the UK needs to build 200-250k+ houses every year, but in 2014 only 155k were built, and since 1988 there has only been one year in which over 200k were built
  • A shortage of skills in the industry to help address the need to build more houses

Industry leaders agreed there is a requirement for the construction industry to bring together the various parties included (developers, builder, local authorities, finance providers). The role of finance, and in particular alternative finance, was identified as a key factor in the future prosperity of the sector.

Julian Wells, marketing director at rebuildingsociety, presented at the event and took part in a panel debate with senior representatives from Funding Circle and LendInvest. During this session the increasing influence of alternative finance was highlighted by some of the statistics around the exponential growth of the industry.

Julian told delegates that in 2013, commentators had predicted that by 2016 the sector could reach £1 billion of lending. Today there has already been in excess of £5 billion lent, with market leader Zopa advancing more than £1 billion on its own. Within the next 10 years alternative finance has been forecast to account for 20-30% of consumer lending, and over 40% of commercial lending.

The audience highlighted the positive impact of FCA regulation as well as the recent endorsements the sector has received from the government. City Minister Harriet Baldwin called it a “brilliantly innovative new form of finance – which we want to see continue to grow and evolve.”

rebuildingsociety has lent to a number of property and construction related businesses including GRA Project Management, Willowtree Properties, DDL Civils, MCC Building Services, Insul-Eight, Able Contractors, CJ Homes, Millbak, EW Becker, and Plumbserve.

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