What our lenders say about us…

Founded in 2012 we’re one of the longest standing P2P platforms in the UK. We’ve seen a lot of change in the industry, we’ve been through the painful journey of becoming regulated and have gone through a full cycle of our loan book.

Here’s what some of our lenders that have been with us for years have to say.

Why I chose rebuildingsociety.com?


  • It came recommended
  • I wanted to invest pension money
  • Potential to earn higher returns than on other platforms
  • Amortising loans mean i get regular capital and interest repayments each month


  • The firm’s ethos to support SMEs
  • Develop local economies
  • Net returns

As a peer-to-business lending platform, we facilitate loans from investors to UK SMEs. We’re not unique in this sense, but the way we go about it is.

Unlike some other platforms, all loans on rebuildingsociety.com are amortising meaning that borrowers will pay you monthly repayments made of capital and interest. Also on rebuildingsociety.com, you set the rate at which you want to lend. Our credit risk team will simply assign a risk rating to help guide you, but then you set your interest rate, and you get your interest rate. We do not take a margin on the loan.

We’re also passionate about helping the businesses that borrow through our platform grow and we encourage all lenders to, where possible buy services and products from the borrowers that have used rebuildingsociety.com.

Why I use P2P lending?


  • Gives me control and flexibility
  • Good Returns
  • I would have started investing 10 years ago!


  • I was looking for a new investment stream following the banking crisis.
  • I wanted to help business grow
  • I was looking for alternative ways to earn an income

P2P lending is a great way for investors to supplement their income or create a passive income stream to support their lifestyle or investment goals. investing through rebuildingsociety.com you can either retain control of who and how you invest, by lending manually, or your can also auto invest using Bidpal.

What advice would you give to other P2P Investors ?


  • Read the detail and get to know the businesses
  • Invest in businesses you’re interested in
  • Learn from your mistakes


  • Research the businesses you’re thinking of investing in
  • Start small then consider increasing investment
  • Build a Diversified portfolio
  • Never lend more than you can afford to lose
  • Regular reinvest (compound) your returns

As with any investment, P2B lending does involve risk. Through rebuildingsociety.com you’ll be supporting UK SMEs that are susceptible to a wide range of issues that might affect their ability to repay. As John and Brian highlight, it’s important that you build a diversified portfolio.

By investing in businesses you understand or are passionate about supporting you’ll enjoy more than your return.

rebuildingsociety.com vs Other Platforms


  • I use a number of other sites for different investment reasons
  • Always make sure that the platforms are right for you


  • I invest in platforms where my money continues to earn.
  • I try and learn from my mistakes on all platforms, by returns on Rebs out weigh the defaults

There are many different P2P platforms around. Each varies slightly in terms of who the lend to, the structure of the investments and the returns you can earn. As an investor you can choose where you want to invest, and can use multiple platforms if you like. Always make sure that you understand the terms of the investment.

P2P Lending

P2P lending should be considered a long term investment strategy. Different lenders have different experiences. Over the years we’ve witnessed a number of different lender strategies and journeys. It is important to remember that when lending on rebuildingsociety.com that you’re lending to UK SMEs and that these businesses are susceptible to changes in the economy and their various markets, which may affect their ability to repay.

Find out more about the experience of lenders through the course of their investments.

All the views expressed above are those of the individuals in question and not those of rebuildingsociety.com. Remember that your returns may vary to those mentioned above and that your returns may vary.

Investing through Peer to business lending platforms carries risk. Before investing you should ensure that you are aware of and understand the risks of lending to businesses and lending through an online platform.

Find Out More About The Risks Of Lending

We’re always willing to hear from our lenders and borrowers. If you’d like to be featured in one of our video reviews, please get in touch through our contact page.

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