2020 Lender Bonus Incentive

The 31 January 2020, may more widely be marked down in history as Brexit Day, but at rebuildingsociety.com we’ll remember it as Lender Incentive Day.

All lenders can now earn 5%pa on your pledged funds for the duration of the auction.

The earlier you bid, the more you’ll earn, so make sure you’re quick off the mark when a new loan is listed to earn that bit extra on your funds!


  • Interest to be paid as a promotional credit on the successful draw down of the loan by the borrower.
  • Promotion valid on all loans listed before 05/04/2020 and all bids made from 01/01/2020
  • Interest promotion only paid on bids that form part of the final loan amount.
  • Promotion in addition to our standard cashback offers on loans.

When investing your capital is at risk of default. P2P investments are not covered by the FSCS. Find out more about the risks.

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