23rd Jun 2021

New for 2021 - a freshly updated Lender Guide! Download the PDF, where you can info on how to get started, account types, fees and more...

4th May 2021

Covid-19 changed the way small businesses operate, whether this is furloughing employees, shifting to online retail, temporarily closing or taking on loans to keep the business afloat. Covid-19 has also had a profound impact on the mental health of business owners and their employees.

27th Jan 2021

Our Compliance Coordinator looks at the Savings Challenges circulating online. Are they worth the effort?

12th Jan 2021

Read about the average Net Return figures for December 2020.

7th Sep 2020

How did lenders fare in August? Read the latest figures and commentary.

15th Jun 2020

The Net Return performance update for May 2020.

30th Mar 2020

We offer a privately syndicated loan service for business owners who want to formalise a loan from friends and family.

16th Mar 2020

We’ve always encouraged lenders to support their local businesses. With all that is happening around the world given the impact […]

31st Jan 2020

It’s times like these where we could all do with that little boost. As such we’ve extended our cashback offer […]