NEW Lender Guide

New to peer-to-business lending? New to the platform? Seasoned lender? Our updated 2021 Lender Guide is a useful reference for all current lenders and anyone considering joining us.

We’ve put together a clear (well, we hope so!) downloadable PDF which covers the basics and a bit more. Since our last update in 2019, the FCA has introduced new regulations such as the Investor Appropriateness Test and P2P investor classification. These new regulations are explained on pages 16-17. We’ve also included information about the most commonly asked questions, and brief descriptions of all the dashboard elements.

Download the Lender Guide for details on:

  • Getting started
  • Lending account types
  • Meet the borrowers
  • What is the loan process?
  • Fees
  • Understanding P2P lending | Loan security and Loan recovery
  • Automated tools | BidPal and BuyPal
  • BuyBack Guarantee
  • Your dashboard
  • Calculating net returns
  • Our underwriting process
  • Risk
  • Investor appropriateness test
  • Lender classification

Clear information

user guide

Detailed explanations

user guide

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