August 2019 – Net Return Performance

Understanding the return you’re receiving, how we calculate the platform net return and the general health of the loan book is important for you as a lender to understand. Here, we take a look back on our performance over the summer.

Before we get to the figures some notes on the methodology:

This data is generated from algorithms that look at a set of standard rules to classify payments as interest, capital or recoveries as well as loans as performing, defaulting or bad debt.

As such it may not always match our manual changes to loan status or repayments.

We do it this way to keep the data impartial and consistent, unaffected by human bias or expectation.

We treat all the users as one Superuser that all transactions from public loans are applied to, we exclude private loans and treat refactored loans as a single loan.

With that in mind we can report the following for the month of August 2019:

We had 4 new loans in the month totalling £211,900 in new lending.

This hit a minor milestone for us as it brings the total public loans made via to 250 and total lending to £14,205,840.

We had no new defaults or refactors in this month, which is always good to hear.

The total capital still out on all loan’s totals £2,577,660, 4.20% of this is currently in default.

During the month we received funds in from borrowers totalling £183,632 in capital repayments, £45,708 in interest payments and the net recoveries were £22,732.

This led to an overall profit for the users of £54,730 or an annualised return rate or 25.48%, this is the third most profitable month since REBS began.

Net Profit April 2019- Aug 2019

We keep a rolling 12 month return figure to track profits over the last year, this months performance brings that return up to 4.42%.

We also track the net return rate for the lifetime of the company, as you can imagine this figure remains fairly consistent and currently sits at 6.63% net return per year.

This month has been superb and provided no major defaults occur we are on track for FY 2018/2019 to be our best year so far. If we have no new defaults the year will come in at around 16% return overall, while no defaults is an unlikely scenario we will do what we can to get as close as possible.

Please note

This material contains certain data and analysis that has been prepared by Ltd. The Information is provided is corrected as at the date published or shown on the graphs, and may be subject to updates and revision, and may change materially without notice. Subject to applicable regulations, no person is under any obligation to update or revise the information, our stats page is updated on daily basis.

Past performance is not indicative of future performance. When investing your capital is at risk. Find Out More about the risks of lending.

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