Business Loan Alternative to Funding Circle

Compare the business loan experience you’ll have as a borrower with us compared to Funding Circle.

Funding Circle have no doubt taken the business loans market by store. They’ve enjoyed considerable growth and are the 1st P2B platform in the UK to do an IPO. Does bigger always mean better for you when looking for a small business loan?

Platform Loan Amount Term Rates Time to Funds Fees Early redemption charge £25k + 6-60 mths 4 – 20% 1-4 weeks 4%* No
Funding Circle £10K + 6-60 mths 1.9% + 1-3 Weeks 1% per year No

* 5% for direct applicants (not through a broker)

The loan application process on Funding Circle is highly automated, with almost instant credit decisioning based on your publicly available business credit profile.

What we do better.

At we get small businesses, because we are one. When assessing your business, you can be sure to enjoy human interaction with our credit and business development team. Our credit team will make a cerebral decision, we’ll never give you a ‘computer says no’ answer, we’ll take the time to learn about your business and your reasons for needing finance. We might not always be able to help you ourselves, however we’ll always help point you in the right direction.

Our lenders see all the businesses that they lend to. Giving your business more than just finance. When borrowing through us you’re borrowing from people, and you can use your fund raise as an opportunity to appeal to new customers and stakeholders that want to see your business succeed. Lender base knows your business.

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