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Whilst both peer-to-business lending platforms, ThinCats and focus on two different sectors of the market both in terms of investors and businesses. ThinCats provides larger business loans primarily suited to well established businesses, and the minimum investment a lender is able to make is £1,000.

PlatformLoan AmountTermRatesSecurity RequiredFeesRepayments£25k+6-60 mths4-20%Unsecured up to £50k*4%*Amortising
ThinCats250K – £15m6-60mths7-15%Yes2.5%**Amortising and bullet

* 5% for direct applicants (not through a broker) ** The agreed annual rate may include an ongoing platform fee (max 2% where applicable) and ongoing underwriter’s fee (max 0.5% where applicable). These fees vary according to the risk profile and will be agreed with the borrower on a case by case basis.

ThinCats has focused it’s business on providing significantly larger business loans more suited to very established high turnover businesses, where there is security to support the loan. Much of the funding from ThinCats is through a smaller number of high-net Worth and institutional investors.

What do we do better?

Reduced fees:

When a business reapplies to refinance an existing loan, many of the lenders that supported the loan at the outset will likely want to support he business in the second round of funding by transferring their capital outstanding to the new loan. Where they do, we only apply our arrangement fee on new funds lent by lenders, so your second round of funding with us will be at a reduced fee.

Security discount:

We believe in rewarding businesses that back their loan. Where a business offers additional security we’ll discount their starting interest rate by up to 5%, resulting in cheaper finance. Find Out More.

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