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What we’ve been up to…

You asked for it… So we did it… An update on the latest features on rebuildingsociety.com

Selling Micro Loans in 0.25% increments – This allows for greater differentiation for buyers and sellers in the Micro Loan market

Larger loans – We now list loans of up to £250k. Asset or debenture security is mandatory on loans of over £50k, allowing more money to be loaned at great rates

Already bid? – New colour coding tells lenders at a glance which new loans they’re already part of and a similar feature is in development for the Micro Loan market

Buying Micro Loans – This feature is coming and will replace the big chunky Micro Loan table

Above: Easy Micro Loan purchase tool

We know we’ve a lot to do. If your requests isn’t included, please look out, we’ll be making a series of improvements over the summer.

Please keep the great ideas coming!

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