Innovative Finance ISA Consultation

We value your input. From recent communication with our lender audience we understand some key priorities and have been working to bring you noticeable improvements on:

  1. Speed – of the website
  2. Communication – regarding non-performing loans
  3. Liquidity – by encouraging more secondary market activity
  4. Volume – to get deals listed and completely funded more promptly

We will continue working hard on the things you ask us to improve.

In the coming months, you will have the opportunity to decide which platform has the privilege to be your ISA Manager. This is a new type of ISA that is different to a cash ISA because you receive monthly repayments from borrowers, so the Innovative Finance ISA gives you a compounding benefit that may benefit you more than with a cash ISA or Shares ISA, but as with Shares ISA your capital is at some risk.

We understand that some lenders have more passive than active lending habits… While we would normally encourage you to carefully pick and choose the business you lend to, we understand that some lenders may not have the time to pick & choose each business. For this reason, we are proposing to introduce a provision fund and make this available to our passive investors who select a lower yielding IF ISA. This will work by allowing lenders to set their lending preferences and where there is a match it will opt-in automatically to qualifying loans. Lenders will be able to opt out of any loan by selling parts on the secondary market, subject to demand.

In this survey we will ask some questions about your lending habits, your preferred option for an IF ISA and your thoughts on our performance. Please be in a good mood…

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