Loan Security | How it works in practice

Our team are always working hard to bring good quality loan applications to the platform. Businesses eligible to borrow through must have at least two years’ history, an average turnover of £37,500 a quarter and offer at least one Personal Guarantee as security.

In addition to the Personal Guarantee, businesses can offer a wide variety of security to support their loan, which can lower the starting interest rate the loan is listed at on the Primary Marketplace.

Default maximum interest rates

Interest rates on the Primary Marketplace are driven from the risk ratings we assign to each listed business. Without additional security, the starting rates are:

  • A+ = Max interest rate 11%
  • A = Max interest rate 14%
  • B = Max interest rate 17%
  • C = Max interest rate 20%

And if a business offers additional security on their loan?

At, we believe that when business owners support their loan with good security they should be rewarded for it.

When a business offers security in support of their loan, the starting rate on a loan will be driven by the security strength and Loan To Value (LTV) score of the security rather than the final risk rating. The risk ratings remain unchanged, allowing you to assess the relative risk of the loan itself.

We lower the maximum interest rate by up to 5 percentage points if the loan is supported by additional security.

For a list of the types of security we accept from borrowers, have a look at this specific info from the Borrowers section of the website.

As ever, please review each loan application in detail before lending. Where you have questions in regard to the security offered on a loan, you can put these directly to the borrower via the discussion forum on each application.

Your capital is at risk when lending. Not protected by the FSCS.

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