Meet the team: Jennifer Rodgers

Chief Operations Officer Jennifer on her experience at and what she expects of her first year at the company.

Jennifer, can you tell us about your role, and a bit about your background?

I joined the Operations team in May.  The UK was at the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown when I joined the team, which made for a memorable start.  Although I’ve not been able to work from the office, it does feel like I’ve come to know the team well, thanks to video conferences and team calls.

The need for small business financing has only increased over the past few months, and with a low base interest rate from the Bank of England, more people are discovering the advantages of P2P lending.  It’s a dynamic and fast-paced industry, and I’m excited to be a part of it.

In terms of my role, I’m focusing on helping the leadership team to grow the business, reaching out to new lenders and helping more small businesses find the funding they need to thrive, while still ensuring that maintains its core values and culture.

Before joining the team, I was the Operations Director of a company specialised in multilingual digital marketing, so I’ve got plenty of ideas to contribute in terms of the website and marketing.

Learnt anything new yet?

It’s been interesting to see how balances the needs of both small businesses and investors. A lot goes into the risk model, which evolves and changes frequently based on new data and new data sources.  The team works hard to get the balance right; we want to help small businesses to grow and we also want investors to get a better return than they would in comparison to putting their money into a traditional savings account.

What are you hoping to achieve in your new role?

I’d love to make more international.  We have lenders from across Europe, but at the moment all of our loans are to UK companies only.

When investing with, your capital is at risk. Past returns are not a guide to future returns. No FSCS protection.

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